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       Master Gunner

The Master Gunner, General Sir Harry Tuzo,G.C.B,. O.B.E,. M.C.A.D.C. ( GEN )arrives and mounts the saluting base to receive the General Salute, for which spectators should stand.

This will be followed by the inspection of the Regiment by the Master Gunner. During the inspection the Royal Artillery Mounted Band will play under the direction of Captain T.E Kenney A.R.C.M, p.s.m.,R.A.

After the inspection the Master Gunner will return to the saluting base where the Commanding Officer will request permission to re- equip the Batteries.

Six Honest John will drive off the Parade and the Regiment will present arms. Spectators should stand and Officers  in uniform salute.

Six Lance vehicles and three M110 guns will then drive on parade and take up their positions with the respective Batteries. Spectators should again stand.

The Commanding Officer will now request permission to re-deploy the three Batteries. The Regiment will mount and 76 ( Maude's ) Heavy Battery R.A will drive off to a salute from the remainder of the Regiment.

When 76 ( Maude's ) Heavy Battery have departed the Commanding Officer will lead 19 (Gibraltar 1779-83) Battery and 51 (Kabul 1842) Missile Batteries R.A off the parade.

The Royal Regiment of Artillery do not have colours as such.  The Gunns and the Launchers of the Regiment are It's colours and these are saluted as they leave the parade ground or pass.

Spectators are requested to remain seated untill the Senior Guests have left. Guides will be available to direct Guests to the Officers Mess and Warrant Officers and Sergents Mess luncheons.