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Lt.Col. T.Tucker
As he used to say "with a T not an F"

 Message from the Commanding Officer to the Regiment.

                                 Lt Colonel D.E.A Tucker Royal Artillery.

Some of you have spent all your military life in this Regiment, Whilst others, like myself , have had a short tour with 24.

Whatever the lenght of association we can all feel proud to have served in a happy Regiment of high reputation. Today is therefore a sad occasion, we say goodbye to an equipment which has served us well and to many old friends. We look forward to the challenge of mastering new equipments which I am sure will be achieved to the same high standards in our new Regiments.

May God keep you in peace and happiness wherever you may go.


                                              The Parade

To mark the end of the era with Honest John.

As a farewell to Dortmund by 19 ( Gibraltar 1779-83) and 51(Kabul1842) Missile Batteries who depart to join 50 Missile Regiment R.A in Menden in the LANCE role.

As a farewell to 76(Maude's) Missile Battery by the Regiment. The Battery will join 26 Field Regiment in the M110 role.

The form of the Parade consists of two main parts and represents the re-equiping of the Missile Batteries and their re-deployments.

                                          Sequence of events

10.30    All Guests are requested to be seated whilst the regiment marches on parade.

10.50    The D.R.A, MGRA and Dortmund Civil Dignitaries arrive and take their places in the spectator stand.

From the spectator stand 19 (Gibraltar 1779-83) Missile Battery is on the left,

51 (Kabul1842) Missile Battery is in the centre, 76 (Maude's) Missile Battery is on the right.