The Last Live Fire Of The Honest John Missile 1977

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The Last Live Fire Of The Honest John Missile 1977
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   51 Kabul (1842) Missile Bty R.A

The 2 Video clips were taken by a Super 8  Movie camera in 1977.  Taken By Phill Perry.
The Video clips are 51 Kabul Bty.
 A&T  Sections and c/s  22 Left Section Launcher...   Germany 1977

A&T Live Checkout and Assembly Of the Missile And Vehicles

Please Note:
A&T  Assembly then onto the fireing Peg And Firing of the Missile.
The vehicles and people in support of the day including members of 51 Kabul Bty and the B.C of 51 Kabul Bty Maj Tolley Taylor.
The video is dark in places this was due to having no flashlight fitted to the camera in those days.