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Names will be of the first Bty posted in to.
           Name                               Battery        
Potter                 P                          51              Maj  but was Bty Capt.
Pelly                                                51               Capt
Pearson            C.R.J                   51               Capt
Peel                     Joe                     76                Lt
Poneskis          John                   19                T.S.M
Pearson            K                          76               T.S.M
Pusill                    ?                        51             5.5
Patterson         Jock                    51
Parkin               Barry                   2
Palmer              Graham              19
Pugh                  (Taff)                  51
Parvin                Dave                  2
Picket                Derrick               51
Pearson           Ray ( Smiler)     34 
Palmer              Graham              51
Pursell              Karl                     19
Powell              (Plonky)               2
Peers                Bill                       51
Pain                                               19
Pierce              Desmond            51
Pensom          Ken                      H.Q
Perry               Phill                      51
Purkis             John                    H.Q
Pennicott       Dave                    51
Pope               Pete                     H.Q
Perry              Paul                      51
Purkis            Dave                    H.Q
Preston         James                  ??
Pippard          Nick                      51
Partenheimer  C                        ??
Philips           (Taff)                    51
Preston         John                     ??
Portman       Steve                    Reme
Peart              Dee ?                   H.Q   R.Sigs
Perrie             Roy                      H.Q   RAPC
Pearson        Harry                   H.Q   R.Sigs
Padden         Tom                      H.Q   R.Sigs
Pincott          Steve                    H.Q   RAPC
Phelps           John                    34
Priestley       Harold           (Vicar) 34
Pettinger      Tony            H/Q,Survey Troop, Staff Troop,
Parker           Ian                       ???
Pollard          Albert
Phelps          John               34 Bty.
Pink               Reg                 H.Q  Bty.
Peel               Keith (Emma)   19Bty.
Pointon         Roderick