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Names will be of the first Known Bty posted in to.
           Name                                       Battery        
Lodger          M.E                                  H.Q        Maj      2 I.C
Lloyd             J.H                                   76          Capt    CPO
Lamb                ??                                 76           Lt
Lee-Can        F.D                                  H.Q        R.A.P.C
Lawson            ?                                    51        TSM /  BSM
Lamb             P.A                                  H.Q
Lynch            Kipper                             51
Lucky            Chris                               76
Lamb 310     (Blue)                             ???
Lloyd             Brian                               34
Lowe             Steve                               51
Lipton           Norman (Nobby)          76
Love             George.W                       34
Larmouth    Bob (Larry)                     2
Linch            Pete                                 51
Leeks          Fred                                H.Q ..Royal Signala attached.
Lowthian    Alan                                 H.Q
Leggett        Eddie                               Wksp
Lenevue                                               Wksp  A.S.M
Le Gonidec  T                                     ????
Law              Jamie                               H.Q
Lorford      Frank clement                76 bty
Lewsey     Gary                                  51 bty
Lay             Barry                                51 bty
Lewis         Taff                                   2 Bty
Longworth                             H.Q  Tac HQ  Driver/Step up  1965
Langton      Kieth W                          51 Bty    WO11