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Names will be of the first Known Bty posted in to.
        Name                               Battery  

Jackson                                       H.Q                  C.O

Jammes       R.R                          76                     Lt

Johnson                                       76                    T.S.M

Jones           H                              H.Q                  B.Q.M.S

Johnson       ?                                51                   B.Q.M.S

johnson         I                               51                    sec/sgt

Jefferis        Chris                        H.Q       2Lt     also 76, 34 and 19 Bty .
Jones           A.R                          51

James            ?                             51                   Sec Bdr   5.5 pounders

Josey           Jim                          76
Jones           M.H (Doughnut)    51 

Jacklin        Robert (Bob)          19 
Jeffers                                         51

Jefford        Jeff                          Wksp
Johnson      Ivor                         76

Josey           Tom                        76 

Jeffries        Pete                        34  
Jones          Brian                      51

Johnson     David                      H.Q

Johnson     B                            ???

Jones         Kevin                      H.Q   551 sigs

James        Richard                   ??

Jago        Kevin                       2 Bty

james        Mike A                   51 Bty (clerk)  24 Medium Reg

Jenkins    Sid                          2 Bty

Jones        C.P                         H.Q    X Svy Trp   Radio Op ( Gnr)