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The Battery was raised in 1779 as the 5th COY, 2nd Bn, BENGAL Artillery. It became Royal Artillery in 1862, and from 1889 until 1937 it was known as 9 Mountain Pack or light Battery. In 1937, in common with all the light Batteries, one hundred was added to its number and it become 109 Field Battery. In 1947 it was renumbered 51 Battery and has since been in turn equipped for Light Anti-Aircraft, Medium and missile roles.

In 1955 the Battery was designated 51 (KABUL 1842) Medium Battery and as part of 24 Medium Regiment Royal Artillery, was stationed in Carlisle. In 1956 the Regiment moved to Luneburg and then to Nienburg.

In 1960 the Regiment began its conversion to a nuclear role with Honest John, This was completed by 1961. Thus 51 (KABUL 1842) Missile Battery Royal Artillery came into being. As part of 24 Missile Regiment the Battery then moved to Paderborn in 1962 and then to Dortmund in 1972.

In February 1977, 24 Missile Regiment disbanded in Dortmund, and 51 (Kabul 1842) Missile Battery moved to join with 50 Missile Regiment in Menden where the Battery took over its Lance Missile Equipment becoming operational with Lance in September 1977.

August 1985 saw  a re-organisation of 50 Missile Regiment with 51 (Kabul 1842) Missile Battery passing into suspended animation. This was marked with a parade held at Northumberland Barracks Menden. The launchers and soldiers of 51 Battery were not lost from the Regiment altogether. Each of the other Batterys' (15, 19 & 36) absorbed a launcher section increasing each batteries strength from 3 to 4 launchers.