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       19 Gibraltar(1779-83) Battery

      19 Battery had the distinction of being the senior Battery in the Royal

      Raised on 26May 1716 as T. Pattison's Company, it was granted
      the honour title "Gibraltar 1779 - 83" on 13 Nov 1934 in recognition of
      its service during the siege of Gibraltar. 

      From 1779 to 1783 the British in Gibraltar under General Elliott were
      continuously besieged by overwhelming French and Spanish land and naval

      The garrison, never more than 7,000 men, facing the constant
      hazards of disease and starvation, and withstanding successive attacks
      from fire ships, heavy bombardment and battering ships, held out for year
      after year against an enemy which at times numbered over 40,000. 

      The siege was raised on 5 Feb 1783 after 3 years 7 months and 12 days of
      appalling hardship.

      Of the 1231 killed, the Royal Artillery suffered the
      heaviest losses. To commemorate their courage five Battery's now bear the
      honour title Gibraltar 1779-83." 

      Since 1945 the Battery has been placed into suspended animation twice. It
      was finally reformed on 19 Jul 1955 as 19 (Gibraltar 1779 - 83) heavy
      Battery with 39 Regiment at Perham Down.

      After a tour in Cyprus in 1958 the Battery moved to Sennelager and
      re-equipped with Honest John
Missile. In 1972 it moved to Dortmund and on
      18th March 1977 to Menden converting to the Lance Missile system.

      19 Battery along with the other missile Batteries provided tactical support
      to 1 (BR) Corps operating throughout West Germany during the era of the
      'Cold War'.

      Outside Germany the Battery has seen active service all over the world,
      including America, South Africa, Malta, UK and more recently Cyprus and
      Northern Ireland. Several members of the Battery served with units in the
      Gulf Conflict, bringing the total number of actions fought to 31. 

      In March 1993 50 Missile Regiment was placed into suspended animation.

      The Battery title was amalgamated with 5 (Gibraltar) Battery to become 19/5 
      Gibraltar Battery and was to be based at Larkhill,  

      Been the British Battery, in the Allied Command Europe,   mobile force Artillery.