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Personalities not on parade

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 Personalities not on parade


Headquarter Battery       

Battery Commander          

                                     Maj AH Clarkson RA

Assistant Adjutant             

                                     Lt AA Maxwell RA

Quartermaster ( T )       

                                     Capt (QM) GH Wootley RA

Quartermaster (A)         

                                     Capt (QM) WA Buckley RA

Troop Commander         

                                      2 Lt SJK Baxter RA

Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (T)

                                      WO2 (RQMS) Slater TG

Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (A)

                                      WO2 (RQMS) Mawson M

Sgt Major Instructor of Signals              

                                      WO2 (SMIS) O Halloran S

Chief Clerk          

                                      Ssgt AC Corrbet T

Battery Quartermaster Sergeant   

                                      Ssgt (BQMS) Jones H

Attached Regimental Headquarters


                                      Capt FD Lee-Cann RAPC

Regimental Signals Officer  

                                      Capt JSA Henderson Royal Signals

Assistant Pay Staff Sergeant 

                                       Ssgt OConner BA

Workshop REME

Officer Commanding   

                                      Capt WCG Watson REME

Artificer Sergeant Major 

                                      WO1 (ASM) Dickson JR

Officer Commanding RAOC Stores Section

                                      WO1 (SSM) Gauld J

19 (Gibraltar 1779-83) Missile Battery RA

Troop Sergeant Major 

                                        WO2 (TSM) Fitzsimmons WJ

Battery Quartermaster Sergeant

                                        Ssgt (BQMS) Adamson M

51 (Kabul 1842) MissileBattery RA 

Troop Commander    

                                       Capt CRJ Pearson RA

Troop Commander     

                                       Capt RD Boryer RA

Section Commander   

                                       Lt CA Hewitt RA

Battery Quartermaster Sergeant  

                                       Ssgt (BQMS) Osbourne W

76 Maudes Missile Battery RA  

Troop Sergeant Major  

                                        W02 (TSM) Pearson K

Battery Quartermaster Sergeant

                                        Ssgt (BQMS) Wellings ME