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Clothing, Royal Artillery,1857

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Clothing, Necessaries, and Appointments,
for the Royal Artillery, 1857

The articles furnished to each man in the Royal Artillery are as follows:

1 busby - Quadrennially
1 tunic - Annually
1 pair boots - Annually
1 pair trousers - Annually

A busby is to last four years.  New busbies and plumes will be supplied to recruits finally approved during the first two years of the period, and part worn busbies during the last two years.

The busbies of discharged and non-effective men at home are in all cases to be returned into store complete
1857 pattern Royal Artillery Busby
with grenade-shaped brass plume holder

The clothing and busbies of non-effective men in the Royal Artillery and Engineers abroad are to be sold by auction at the end of each month, and the amount realized credited in the contingent accounts, supported by a certificate of the Commanding Officer.  If unsaleable, they must be handed over to the nearest Storekeeper or Barrack Master.

At home stations part worn clothing is to be taken into the regimental store and sent to Woolwich by the first favorable opportunity, if fit for issue to recruits; if not fit for use, a fact which is to be determined by the Officers on the spot, it is to be sold by auction, or if unsaleable to be handed over to the nearest Storekeeper or Barrack Master.

Accoutrements and Appointments

Sgts. and Rank and File

Pouches with swivel links
Belts, pouch, complete
Belts, waist
Frogs, sliding, with buckles and straps
Carbine slings
Plates for waist belts

Great Coats for the Royal Artillery will be furnished at the public expense to all Non-commissioned Officers and Men.  Coats for Serjeants shall be furnished without cuffs and Collars, which are to be added at the headquarters of each corps and shall be made of the same quality and colour of the facings of the corps.  Chevrons on the right sleeve may be added at head quarters to the great coats of Serjeants and Corporals.

List of Necessaries for the Royal Artillery

1 canvas bag & hook 1 canteen cover 2 flannel shirts
1 shaving bag 1 forage cap 3 cotton shirts
1 tin of blacking 1 large comb 1 sponge
1 pair boots 1 pair leather gloves 1 spoon
1 pair braces 1 holdall 1 stock
1 clothes brush 1 fatigue jacket 3 pairs wool stockings
1 button brush 1 knapsack, complete 1 button stick
1 hair brush 1 knife & fork 1 canteen strap
1 shaving brush 1 pocket knife 1 great coat strap, pair
2 shoe brushes 1 plume case 2 towels
1 canteen 1 razor & case 1 pair fatigue trousers

Kits will be furnished upon requisition addressed to the Secretary of State for War.  They will be supplied complete, with the exception of the boots, fatigue jackets and trousers.  The boots will be furnished in sizes.  The fatigue jackets and trousers will be issued in materials, in order that they may be made up at the Depots and fitted to the recruit.

Winter equipment for North America is to consist of the following articles, viz.: -

A fur cap
Two flannel waistcoats,
Two pairs of long flannel or worsted drawers
A pair of canadian boots.

The fur cap is to last - 3 years
Canadian boots - 2 years
Flannel waistcoats - 1 year
Flannel drawers - 2 years