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The Amalgamation

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            The Following Bty's of the Regiments amalgamated with
    50 Missile Regiment to form 1 Missile Regiment in the Lance Role
                                                  in 1977      
    smallhj.jpg     51 Kabul Bty                          
  24 Missile 
    smallhj.jpg   19 Gibraltar Bty   ( Amalgamated with 24 Missile )
  39 Missile  
    smallhj.jpg    15 & 36 Arcot Bty's
  50 Missile
    Demise of Honest John

           click on image for bigger view

  To The Lance


A further re-organisation in 1985 saw the disbandment of

 51 (Kabul) Missile Battery which left the Regiment with

three Missile Batteries (19, 36 and 15 Msl Bty) of four launcher sections.

May 1992 for the final firings of Lance in the Outer Hebrides.
50th Missile Regiment passed into suspended animation in early 1993, but the Missile Battery titles live on through amalgamation with other Batteries of the Royal Artillery. Headquarters Battery passed into suspended animation and the Regimental Workshop disbanded.


I Created this Website to try keep alive memories of our times in the Missile Regiments...... Phill Perry