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A to Z Member List
24 Missile Nominal Roll
24 Missile Photo Albums
Making of 24 Missile
24th Missile Regiment Reunions
Woolwich Ceasefire
B.C's of 24th Missile Regiment RA
Something about 24 Missile Regiment
Battle of Kabul 1842
The Last Live Fire Of The Honest John Missile 1977
Movies of Missiles
24 Medium Regt
The H.J Missile Regiment 's Links
Honest-John Live Missile
Corporal Missile
Nuclear Fallout
Camp's , Officers & R.S.M's of 24 Missile Regt
Battery History's
What is a Battery
Honest John Missile
Training Regiments
51 Kabul Battery
Ireland (Trng) 51 Kabul Bty
Disbandment of 24 Missile Regt
The Original 3 Missile Regiments
Regiments & battalions of the British Army
The Royal Artillery
Artillery uniforms, clothing & wives
Historical Info & War.
The American Support
Amalgamation. Lance, what could have been 50 Missile
Military Academy & Monarchy
British and Proud
The Downfall Of Hitler
Bty Bar Songs
Rank Recognition
W.W ll Posters
39 Regiment RA
Last Post
How The Last Post Became
Ex 24 / 2 Heavy Bty Website

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The Dart Missile

Dragon Missile

 Dragon 04.jpg

Entac (MGM-32A)

MIM-23 Hawk

AGM-114 Hellfire

Lockheed Martin Longbow Hellfire.jpg

TM-61 Matador missile

File:TM-61 Matador missile.jpg

MGM-18 Lacrosse

File:MGM-18 Lacrosse 02.jpg

MGM-29  Sergeant missile

File:Sergeant missile.jpg

MGM-31 Pershing

Pershing 1 launch (Feb 16, 1966).png

CORPORAL - One of the earliest Cold War weapons.

The 2 British Regiments to have the Missile.

27th Guided Weapons Regiment RA 1957-1966

47th Guided Weapons Regiment RA 1957-1965.

MGR-1 Honest John rocket.

United Kingdom

24th Missile Regiment Royal Artillery.

39thMissile Regiment Royal Artillery.

50th Missile Regiment Royal Artillery

MGM-52 Lance.

File:MGM-52 Lance.jpg

United Kingdom

50th Missile Regiment Royal Artillery

MGM-52 Lance missile on display at White Sands Missile Range Museum, New Mexico, next to M752 Self-Propelled Launcher.