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Fallen Comrades & Dear Ones Of  The Regiment.   Updated   28th February 2016.

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The last Post is from the Initial formation of the Regiment to the end of the Regiments active life.

Bdr Malcolm Goodwin 40
Passed away on the 10th October 2002
Served with 51 Kabul Bty 24 Missile
R.I.P  Malcolm

Bdr A.C. R Cook aged 59. 
Sadly  passed away  21st March 2003
Served with 51 Kabul Battery & H.Q Battery  24 Missile
Mrs Mary McHugh MBE
Sadly passed away on Tuesday 1st June 2004
Wife of Chippy McHugh  H.Q Battery   24 Missile
R.I.P  Mary
Linda Simpson
Sadly passed away on the 23rd Oct 2006
 Wife of Brian Simpson 51 Kabul Battery  24 Missile
R.I.P  Linda
Neville  Moss,   SSgt    Tiffy Wpns in Wksp    24 Missile
R.I.P  Neville      (any date please)
Jimmy  Wass,  Cfn VM in Wksp   24 Missile
R.I.P  Jimmy    (any date please)
Nigel Webb  SSgt 51 Bty Ftrs Sect Tiffy    24 Missile
R.I.P  Nigel     (any date please)

Hauxwell  Lt               Wksp HQ      24 Missile 
R.I.P   (First names please)    Hauxwell (any date please)
Frank Dolman    51 Kabul Bty      24 Missile
R.I.P  Frank             (any date please)
Ivor Johnson     76 Maudes & 51 Kabul Bty  24 Missile
Passed Away 2005  (what date please)
R.I.P  Ivor
Ivor joined the army  age 15 in 1956, Hereford/Carlisile, then moved with 59th Anti Aircraft Regt to Nienburg Germany then to be renamed 24 Medium Regt. then 24th missile Regt.
He was with 51 Bty for around 20 years. He served 25 years 128 days.  Many of us knew him well.
Peter Vickers.  2 Hind's Bty.  24 Missile
Sadly Drowned in the Mosel valley (Valwig)
           Found on the 2nd June 1963
R.I.P  Peter
     (See Photo's in photo album, Permission from Niece Joanne Jones ) 

 Charlie Partenhiemers   76 Maudes Bty 24 Missile
Sadly Passed away February 2008.  in  Germany
R.I.P   Charlie
 Mark Ashford   19 Gibraltar Bty 24 Missile 
(killed NI) 17th January,1976    on the afternoon .

 killed in an I.R.A.attack , on a check point in

Great James Street, Londonderry

R.I.P  Mark


David Curtis....  51 Bty Kabul Bty   24 Missile
Sadly died 18th February 2007     Paderborn
R.I.P   David
 Tom Stevenson,19 Gibraltar Bty 24 Missile 
 Died 15th August,1976
In the Stadt Krankenhaus,Offenburg,West Germany
 As a result of injuries received while on excercise in the Offenburg area on the 4th August,1976.
  R.I.P   Tom
  John Clayton .   51 Kabul Bty  24 Missile
  Sadly died on the 12th November 2008 aged 66.
  Due to Cancer.
 R.I.P    John
Paddy Corbett  Chief Clerk  H.Q Bty   24 missile
Died on .......... require details please email webmaster
R.I.P  Paddy
Brian Compton 19 Gibralter Bty 24 Missile
Died of a Heart Attack   6th January 2010.  age 61
R.I.P Brian.
Philip Rushbury.   X Survey Troop,  H.Q Bty  24 Missile
Sadly Died 2nd November 1970 Paderborn Germany.
Killed in a car crash in Paderborn Age 21 .
R.I.P Phil
Ginger Grey    51 Kabul bty   24Missile   (email webmaster with 1st name)
Killed in a car accident in Paderborn.     (dates he was sadly killed.)
R.I.P  Ginger
 Paul Kelly    (Geordie)     51 Kabul Bty     24 Missile
Sadly Passed away July 2011
R.I.P   Paul
 Bill Owens.  BSM 19 Gibralter Bty.   24 Missile
His Land Rover was involved in an Autobahn accident and caught fire. 1977. ( May be wrong year)
Bill  fought on for a number of weeks in Woolwich hospital, but lost the battle.
R.I.P  Bill
Roy   Griffiths.       (What Bty  and date passed away, email webmaster)
Sadly   Passed away.  
His wife Pauline passed away 3 weeks before him.
They had a Pub in Menden when they left the Army.
R.I.P    Roy & Pauline.
Robert (Bob) Beattie      
19 Gibraltar Bty &  Bsm  51 Kabul Bty  24 Missile
Sadly passed away 31st Oct 2012.
Many will know him
R.I.P   Bob
Paul  (Alfie) Bass.     76 Maudes Bty   24 Missile
Sadly passed away 12th July 2011.
He had a short battle with cancer and he was very brave.
R.I.P  Paul ...   many will know him and miss him.
Ronnie Bretnall  51 Kabul Bty   24 Missile
Passed away some years ago as informed.  (any dates email webmaster)
R.I.P Ronnie.
Roy Durrant    76 Maudes Bty   24 Missile
Sadly Passed Away     Thursday 10 January 2013
R.I.P   Roy
Anthony Martin (Bomber)  19 Gibraltar Bty  39/24 & 50 Missile.
Sadly Passed away 21st February 2013.
Will be remembered by many.
R.I.P   Bomber  (Anthony).
Kipper Lynch   ex 51 Kabul Bty  24 Missile
unknown date   (anyone who knows please email webmaster)
R.I.P  Kipper.......   What was his 1st name.
Derrick Roberts  ex survey 51 Kabul Bty   24 Missile
Passed away 1990's  ( anyone know the date email webmaster please)
John  Barker (Ronnie)   ( what bty email webmaster )
Sadly passed away February 2005 
Died  of a heart attack Leaving his wife Doris and 2 sons
living in Germany.
His body was returned to England and he was buried in

R.I.P   John


Pop Dryburg     51 Kabul Bty
 any info please email webmaster
Colin Grey (Lbdr)   Killed in a car accident in Paderborn Germany  1st January 1966
John Muir      76 Maudes Bty 
Sadly Passed away,  I Knew him well.
 R.I.P. John,many will miss you.
William (Bill ) Cox.  24th Missile Regt RA, 76 Maude's Battery 1963 - 1966.
Passed Away.. 23 April 2013,   Peacefully after cancer.
                     Aged 70
Rest in Peace Bill, Good memories.
James Kavanagh ( Jimmy)
Sadly passed away 11th june 2013 ...10.00hrs
In his 70's,  was in 24 medium Regt  1956 - 61
R.I.P    Jimmy
Capt Alan Clarkson
Sadly Passed away 12th June 2013.
More info to follow.....
R.I.P Alan.
Ray Wall   Ex  H.Q  Bty
Sadly Passed Away
R.I.P   Ray
 Derek Pickett  ex 2 Hinds Bty
Sadly passed away  Wednesday  14 December 2005.
With lung cancer.
R.I.P  Derek.
John French   ex 19 Gibralter Bty
Sadly passed away during heart surgery  Monday 10th February 2014.
Good friends with the late Bomber Martin.
R.I.P  John.
Norman Strachan   (RSM) 24 Missile
Sadly passed away  in the Rotherham District Hospital 
Easter Monday 21st April 2014
R.I.P   Norman
Alan Clarkson  ( details to follow)
George Marcus Vernon
Sadly passed away 17th December 2013.
Ex survey trp 24 Missile
R.I.P George.

Terry Giddings   Sadly passed away 18th may 2014

34 Bty

Died at home in Hull with cancer.  Age 64.

R.I.P Terry


Kieth William Langton  sadly passed away at home  8th January  2004

Great Wakering Essex .

24 Missile 1963 to 1970 ,  WO11.     Knew Ivor Johnson & Terry Slater well.

National Service to Regular...........

R.I.P Kieth


S/Sgt Heulyn Jones (Big Taff) BQMS HQ Bty 24 Msl Regt.

Died 8th June 1978 at Woolwich Bks.

Jean Jones wife of S/Sgt Jones died 3rd March 2014.

R.I.P  Heulyn & Jean.


Dennis Hughes ex 51 Bty. 24 Missile Regiment

Sadly passed away 17th July 2009


Brother of Dave Hughes.


Dave Hughes  ex 51 Kabul Bty. 24 Missile Regiment.

Sadly passed away  15th June 2010.

Stroke .

Brother of Dennis Hughes.

R.I.P Dave.


Sydney Gerald MURPHY. (aka Spud)

Sadly Passed Away April 18th 2014

Ex  51 Bty  24Missile Regt y  Paderborn 1966 to 1974

L/Bdr in Survey Section

Lost to cancer

R.I.P Gerald


Peter Webb (Loffty)

Ex 76 Maudes Bty    24 Missile Regt

Sadly Passed away  8th November 2014 Dortmund West Germany

After a long battle with the big C in a hospice in Germany

R.I.P Peter


Sgt  John ( Johnny ) Sutton sadly passed away in 2013.

He slipped and banged his head.

ex 51 Bty ... He was also the Regimental QTO both in 25 & 50 Missile Regiment.

John was married to Irmgard his German wife, John left the army and lived in Germany.

R.I.P John       great man and sadly missed by many.


Chris Elsey sadly Passed away after fight with Cancer 2014.

Ex 51 Kabul Bty

R.I.P  Chris    Sadly missed by many


Jack Gilholm sadly passed away November 2015.

Heart Failure.

Will be missed by many.

Ex 51 Kabul Bty

R.I.P Jack


Neil (Jock) Deveney   51 Kabul Bty

Sadly passed away on 10th January 2016 . 

 Neil had a heart attack while doing Hill Climbing

ex 51 Kabul Bty.

R.I.P Neil you will be missed by many...


Norman Fishwick 51 Kabul Bty .

Passed away  Thursday 18th February 2016  (midnight)

Norman sadly passed away  after a brave 10 month battle with cancer.

R.I.P  Norman.    Many knew him and will be sadly missed.




Email  Phill  Perry  if you know anyone that sadly passes away