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51 Bty Nominal Role

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        Nienburg -BAOR- 1960-1962
        Paderborn-BAOR- 1962-1964
                        PARTIAL NOMINAL ROLL
BTY  COMD   -    Major R Smith 1962 -1964
Bty   Capt         -    Major P Potter  1962
Bty Capt           -    Capt P Bartlett   1963-1964
 Battery SM       -   N. Wilkinson 1960 - 1963 - Then RSM 39 Regt
 TSMs                D Sinclair - 1963-1964 - Then RSM TA
                           Lawson     - Then BSM
  BQMS   - Johnson      -   S/Sgt Flowers (Killed in Accident 1961)
   Section Sgts      -  I Johnson   J Dixon    Sgt  Pusill  Sgt Mc Donald
                                 Sgt Watts  Sgt Thompson  Sgt Mayles
   Section Bombadiers   -  
   Bdrs McKenzie, Tolley,  Goldsworthy, Knowles, James. 
   Originally Battery equipped with 5,5s then later became a missile battery.                

                                               Nominal roll 
           51 Kabul (1842 Missile Bty R.A
                    1965 0nwards
B.C,s Major,s 

Major's Smith,  Fowler Robinson, Taylor m.t, Ryan,

Dè Gallard


B.K,s  &   Capt,s        Pelly, Blackburn, Lloyd, Fowler,
                                 Pearson, Boryer, Capt Kerr



Other Officers             Forsyth, Hewitt, Gibbson, Swift

Lt Richards



B.S.M,s   Alan Duncan,Quinn , Williams ( black taff ) , Bob Beattie,


Other Ranks           


Bill Peers, Desmond Pierce, Bob Follows,

Jim Carnell (Clerk) ,Dave Pennicott (Clerk),

Pop Dryburgh, Jones AR , Alan Brown,

Jones MH (Doughnut), Bill Osborne,

Pete foster, Tom Sandbach, Clackworthy,

Des Deslandes, Ali Z, Biffer Smith,

Smith a.g, Smith t.w, Twiggy Muldoon,

Chalkie White, Alan Bedford, Alan Cook,

Alan Wicks, Curly Walsh, John Gay,

Jim Gay,RobbieChristmas ,DaveSugars,

Barry Anderson, Robbie Robinson

Jim Moreton, Neil Rowley, Les Gash

Steve Grice, Bob Copping , Fletcher,

Harry Hutchinson, Geoff Rawlings,

Ronnie Brentnall , Alf Higgins, Spike Milligan

Benny Vaughn, Sandy Sanderson, Marty Martin,

Dave Applerby, MalcomGoodwin,

Malcom sholley, Steve Scott, Ron Barnett,

Pat Mcgeedy, Jim Finley, Bomber Martin,

Steve O,riely, John Dobson, Brian Irvine,

Dave Hughes, Colin Hughes, Frank Sharpe,

Stretch Middlecoate, Gary Crowley,

Pete Pope,Barry Massey, Bob Hickson,

Mick Frazer, Doc Docherty, Jeffers

Steve OHalleron, Pat McGready,

Brian Simpson, Ivor Johnson, Pete Mclynn,

Bob Eastern, Pete linch, Jock Davis,

Sammy Sampson, Smith a.w,

Jim Waddle,Phill Perry, Paul Perry,

John Watson, Mick Webb, Paul Thomas,

Chris Cichocki, Dave Hiller, Godden,

Gary Richardson, Goddard, Nick Shaw,

Chris hainsworth, Willie Warne,

Geoff Gower, Dave Taylor, Malcom Taylor,

Ian Daniels, Robinson t.p, Alan Fishwick,

Paul Knaggs, Roberts(boris) Steve Howe,

Mick Carpenter, Steve Lowe, John Machin,

...... Turnbull, Paddy Moore, Ian Giles,

........ Russell, Phill Hedges, Terry Seabrook,

Bill Conners, Paul Winchurst, Phill Collins,

Paul (Geordie) Kelly, Mick Hann, Jock Patterson, John Storer

Bill (taffy ) Williams, Johm Summers

Taff Evans, Brian Jones, Doug Shepard,

Phill Holbrook, Jock Baxter, ?? Robo,

Roger Hall, Carl Darby, Mark Cooper

George McKenna, Pete Hudson, Paul Hayward,

Musio,  Mo Weedol ,Jack Gilholm ,Tom Gordon,

Kipper Lynch, Ron Shadforth,Tosh Benger

Taff Hughes,Derick Roberts,Taff Couch, Bill Gamble 

 Alan Cohnan,John Baylor ,Nobby Floyd

Trev Beeston,  Harry Hill,Robbie Robinson Sigs

Beano Venn,Tom Doolie,Jock Deveny

McNulty,Wilf Foster,Brummie Young,Jock Connell

 jock Imery,Alfie Bass,Basher Webb,Geordie Robinson

Pete Soul ,Paddy Butterly,Pete Gulvier, Paul Kelly RP’s

Mick Boyce,Tim Beatty,Jim Hall,Bob Hall,Andy Wright

Bob Davis, Mick Bradbury,

Terry Walsh is the longest serving soldier in 51 Kabul Bty with 18 years . ( if you have served more please email web master)

Any Name you know of not shown please email them to me. ( 24 Regt Only )