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Is Your Name Here.

Names will be of the first Known Bty posted in to.
           Name                                        Battery      


Masters                 C.P                             C.O    24 Missile Regt

McDonald              D                                H.Q   Maj Bty Cmdr  1965

Robinson                                                51      Maj Bty Cmdr   1970

Maddaford           C.M                            19                Lt

Maxwell               AA (Popeye)             H.Q              Lt

Morris                                                    34                 Lt

Morris                  M.D.A                       76                Capt       B.K

McNulty                                                 51               TSM

Mawson                Mick                         H.Q            R.Q.M.S 

McCann                Paddy                       2 Bty         B.S.MMcDonald               ?                     51                5.5

McKenzie                ?                              51                5.5

Mayles                     ?                              51                5.5

McLynn                Pete                          51

Mathews               Tim                          H.Q
Muldoon             (Twiggy)                    51

Mckay                  Dave                         19
Moreton               Jim                           51

Maher                  Paul                          2
Milligan             (Spike)                       51

McGukin            John(Jock)               76/51
Martin                (Marty)                      51

McKenzie            Mick                         H.Q

McHugh             Nicky                        51
Mcgeedy              Pat                           H.Q
Martin               (Bomber)                   19
McPhail             Dave                         H.Q
Middlecoate      (Stretch)                    51
Massey                Barry                       H.Q
Machin              John                          51
Moore                (Paddy)                      51

Morris                Neville (Taff)           H.Q
McKenna           George                      51

Morris                N                              ???              
Musio                                                   51
Mann                Brian (Yacob)           H.Q      (R sigs)
Mills                 George.A                   128

Miller                 (Jock)                       51
McLellan          Jim (Jock)                 76

Moss                 Neville                       Wksp

Malton             Jack (4 Fingered)      H.Q

McGregor         (Jock)                        H.Q   CO's driver

MacGilvery     (Jock)                       19

McCrudden     (Chippie)                 H.Q

murray                  ?                             ?

Montgomery        ?                          H.Q   R.Sigs

Moran                 Mike                      HQ

Mckay                 Sam                        ?

McKay                Dave                       ?

Maxfield             Edward          

Mclean               Eddie                       ?

Milne                  John                       76

John                Mccarthy                  2 bty
Manning          Robin.d                 34 Hvy Bty 1964-68.
Miller                Billy                         2 bty
Marram            Mick                         2 Bty.
Mills                 George                   128 Med. Bty 1955
McGregor       Douglas (Mac)        76 Maudes