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24 Missile Nominal Roll
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Making of 24 Missile
24th Missile Regiment Reunions
Woolwich Ceasefire
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Something about 24 Missile Regiment
Battle of Kabul 1842
The Last Live Fire Of The Honest John Missile 1977
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Honest-John Live Missile
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51 Kabul Battery
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Disbandment of 24 Missile Regt
The Original 3 Missile Regiments
Regiments & battalions of the British Army
The Royal Artillery
Artillery uniforms, clothing & wives
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The American Support
Amalgamation. Lance, what could have been 50 Missile
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British and Proud
The Downfall Of Hitler
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Ex 24 / 2 Heavy Bty Website

Is Your Name Here.

Names will be of the first Known Bty posted in to.
          Name                               Battery    
De 'Gallard                                    51              Maj     B.C
Daniel                  Dick                  34              Maj     B.C                
Dawson               J.L                   H.Q            C.O 
Davis      G.R      51     B.K

Dunnett    Dave     51     Lt

Dickinson  J.R      Reme   W01

Drakeford  R        76     B.S.M

Duncan     Alan     51  TSM/BSM

Dixon       J       51   5.5

Dryburgh   Pete(Pop)H.Q

Deslandes  Des      51

Davenport  Bill     H.Q 

Dobson     John     51

Docker     Edmund   34

Docherty   Doc      51

D'Gama     Vasco    76

Davis                 Jock     51

Duncan     Leslie   19

Davis                 Bob      51

Drozdziol  Tony     76

Daniels    Ian      51

Darby      Carl     76

Doolie     Tom      51

Durrant    Roy      76

Deveny     Jock     51

Davidson   Bob      76

Dobson     Sean     51

Day        Tom      34

Dakin      Ken      51
Deeks      Andy     51
Deeks               51
Day        Tom      2
Day        Jim      76
Day        John     51
Dickinson  Roger    34
Davis      Alan     76
Diprose    Don      19

Dolman     Frank    51

Dixon      Reg      34

Dolman     Steve    51

Deverill   Pete     H.Q

Dixon      Paul     51

Day   Jim (Barry)   34 (D&M wing)

Dunn       Dave     H.Q

Ditchfield (Ginge)  H.Q

Dambaskie    Joe    34

Daly       Frank    H.Q Royal Signals att