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24 Missile Nominal Roll
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Making of 24 Missile
24th Missile Regiment Reunions
Woolwich Ceasefire
B.C's of 24th Missile Regiment RA
Something about 24 Missile Regiment
Battle of Kabul 1842
The Last Live Fire Of The Honest John Missile 1977
Movies of Missiles
24 Medium Regt
The H.J Missile Regiment 's Links
Honest-John Live Missile
Corporal Missile
Nuclear Fallout
Camp's , Officers & R.S.M's of 24 Missile Regt
Battery History's
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Honest John Missile
Training Regiments
51 Kabul Battery
Ireland (Trng) 51 Kabul Bty
Disbandment of 24 Missile Regt
The Original 3 Missile Regiments
Regiments & battalions of the British Army
The Royal Artillery
Artillery uniforms, clothing & wives
Historical Info & War.
The American Support
Amalgamation. Lance, what could have been 50 Missile
Military Academy & Monarchy
British and Proud
The Downfall Of Hitler
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39 Regiment RA
Last Post
How The Last Post Became
Ex 24 / 2 Heavy Bty Website

Is Your Name Here.

Names will be of the first Known Bty posted in to.
       Name                               Battery             


Cocks                  B                          H.Q                     C.O

Clarkson            Alan                     76                       Capt

Cowgill              David                    76                        Lt

Couch                 Taff                       51

Corbett               A.C                       H.Q
Cook                   Alan                      51

Compton            Brian                    76

Connell             Jock                      51

Carr                   Norman                76

Cohnan             Alan                      51
Carnell              Jim                       H.Q

Clark                 Jim                        2

Cockcroft             ?                 H.Q  (maybe)
Clackworthy      Alan                     51

Cunndel             Grahame            H.Q
Copping              Bob                      51
Crowley              Gary                     51
Cichocki             Chris                    51
Carpenter           Mick                    51

Cholerton          Robbie                 76
Conners              Bill                      51

Collins               Phill                     51

Cooper               Mark                    51
Cohnan             Alan                     51

Cussels              Trev                     H.Q

Christmas         Robert                  51

Cannell            Ray                        2
Cooper              Cyril                      2
Cassie               Dave                     H.Q
Clark                 Mike (Nobby)       76
Cox                   Bill                        76
Collins             Jim   (Lofty)           34
Clarke               Peter (Clogger)       2
Craig                Ron                        76
Collins            Terry (Tex)              19
Clayton           John                        H.Q
Chesters          Steve (Charlie)        19
Chadburn       Bill                          19

Charnley        Dave                       H.Q
Carnell           Dave                         19

Cox                    ?                            19

Cook               Malcom                    76

Clark              Peter                         2 bty

Carter            Ginge                       H.Q

Crozier            Paul                        H.Q

Crain              Jim                          H.Q

Doug             Czeschel                Wksp  51 bty

Cockayne       Dave                       Wksp  51 bty

Culpin            Sid                          Wksp   2  bty

Carnell                                    H.Q   ACC

Cozzey                ?                  is this a nickname

Cousins          Mick                            ?

Clifford            P                                ?

Carnell            Dave                          51

Carrine            Jim                             51

Carrine            Doug                          19

Carmichael     Steve                         R/Sigs

Coke                Wesley                      76

Colins                 ?                            19

Cohen              David                      19

Callery          Frank  Lewis             34 hvy bty

Crosthwaite      John

Clarke                Mike                        76 bty

Cordiner         Dave                       76 bty 1965

Craggs            Dave                          51 bty 1972

Cowan            Paul                           19 bty   1980's